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Hello world!

Hey Designers!

I’m Crispin – design gypsy, animal lover, hoarder of pink lip gloss, secret 80’s music wizard… but most importantly, someone who understands what it’s like being in business for yourself, and at times feeling totally alone.

If that’s you, raise your hand with me. I graduated from interior design school in 2003 with no desire to go and work for a design firm, but felt completely inadequate and unprepared to run a business on my own. The design world is sadly notorious for being secretive and cutthroat at times – needless to say there weren’t many mentors or other designers offering guidance and leadership… so I learned the ropes one year at a time, mostly on my own. I want to change the design world experience; and I hope to start to do it here!


As a designer fresh out of school, I didn’t have any form of mentorship or resources until much later in my career to help me on my entrepreneurial journey. It was trial and error, loads of failure, amazing success, hard work, and everything in between. 15 years of running Urban Theory Design has shown and taught me so much – people, mindset, strategy, self worth/value, the personal side of dealing with clients, growing networks… all the things they DON’T teach you in design school.

Life has an amazing way of coming full circle – Creative Human is my way to help to give back to the design community. For years I’ve had the desire to create a platform for design professionals and students to share, inspire, and grow with… something I would daydream about and plaster my vision board with, but never got around to taking actionable steps to making it a reality.

Until. Now.



Creative Human is a mentorship platform for interior designers, decorators, stylists, architects, and design students – a place we can all come together as a community and share ideas, experiences, expertise, and most importantly lend support to one another. As the platform grows, we’ll add video content, interviews with other design pros, tips + tricks, 1 on 1 mentorship…  But for now, please join us in the private Facebook group, and follow along on Instagram (links attached)


It’s time to start changing the face of the business of design.

You don’t have to go it alone – we’ve got this. Formal website, videos, interviews, PDF’s, live mentoring, 1 on 1, and more incredible discussion coming soon!

I’m glad you’re here,

~ Crispin


>>> Inquiries and to be featured in an interview or get involved:  Toll free 888-848-8055;


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